About Us!

Michele is a SAHM to one boy. She tries to maintain her sanity by doing something creative each day. This has led to a somewhat ‘messy’ house, and has resolved to put a huge dent in her laundry pile~someday. Her other interests lie in knitting, reading, writing, playing the flute, teaching sunday school, playing handbells, and singing at church. She would like to learn more techniques to compliment her eclectic style.

Lisa is a SAHM of 2, one boy and one girl. Lately she has been too busy as wife, mama, cook, chauffeur, maid, fundraising co-chair (of my children’s preschool), p/t sunday school teacher, party planner, hostess to be able to do any of her scrapping. She would love to get back into it, especially in a thrifty and use all of her stuff kind of way. She is hoping that this blog inspires her to come up with some creative ways to use her stash and to inspire others around her! πŸ™‚ The joy of crafting for her is to see the joy it brings to those around her!! πŸ™‚

Michele and Lisa found each other on another online scrap community. They quickly became friends and have been inseparable since. They communicate daily and try to inspire and encourage each other all the time. They have talked about starting a blog or their own site (for quite some time now) so they could talk out loud!! Hope you can find a little bit of inspiration from the random bits of stuff that we have to share with you!! πŸ™‚

Now get out there and get your scrap on!


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